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Hyung: The Korean word for 'Forms', are used in Tang Soo Do in order to practice certain techniques such as kicking, punching, blocking and stances just to name the most basic principles. They are used for conditioning purposes, muscle memory, and focus/concentration.

Tang Soo Do Forms begin with basic movements and build carefully through months and years to some of the most advanced techniques in the martial arts.
Stances are the foundations of each movement. Grandmaster Hwan Kee wrote, "Movement is dependant upon balance and balance on stance, it is difficult to perform any movement without proper balance...balance is the most important aspect of any stance."

Forms training is both an application of Tang Soo Do fighting technique and an artistic expression of those techniques. It has internal (Neh Gung) as well as external (Weh Gung) attributes and benefits. As an art form, practicing forms should demonstrate not only the fighting applications but also the artistry of good presentation. This makes Tang Soo Do a Martial Art as opposed to being simply a fighting style.

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