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Our Programs

Tang Soo Do

Adult Classes


We instruct in the Korean Martial Arts. These classes are for 14 and Up.

Kids Classes


Kids ages 7-12. Great family and multiple children discounts.

Little Ninjas


Children ages 4 to 6 attend twice a week to learn skills through martial arts.

Private Instruction

Have a test coming up? Participating in a tournament? Just struggling to make the time for a regular class? Private lessons are available for an additional fee. Inquire with Kamie or Jessica.

Cardio Kickboxing

$60/Month 1x week

$70/Month 2x week

Cardio kickboxing is simply that, a cardio workout using kickboxing techniques. Kickboxing techniques include jabs, cross, hooks, uppercuts, front kicks and sidekicks. No experience necessary. This class entails a warm-up, bag workout, cool down, stretching and partner drills. Start your week off right Soul Self Defense now offers Cardio Kickboxing on Wednesday's at 6:30am. Tuition is based on a monthly or drop-in fee for a 45 minute class each Wednesday. Classes are open to students ages 13 and up.

Women’s Self Defense


Women’s self defense is held every Wednesday at 7:15pm. This class focuses on the defense of women and explore topics of women's risks, challenges, and defenses in a relaxed, low-key and fun environment.

Current Events

03/28/2024 - 03/29/2024 Ninja Tournament
Testing is during normal class time!
04/12/2024 S.T.O.R.M Meeting
Students enrolled in our STORM program please come for training. No advanced classes this day.
6pm Dojang
04/13/2024 Black Belt Test
Participation is by invite only! But you are always welcome to come watch and support!
10am-12pm Dojang
04/15/2024 - 05/22/2024 Adult Beginners Classes (ages 16+)
Want to start martial arts but not sure where to start? Start your journey with our beginner classes!
04/17/2024 - 05/22/2024 Women's Self Defense (women 13+)
Come join our 6 week self defense course! Learn to increase safety, self confidence, and awareness. Learn various martial arts techniques like blocking, punching and kicking, as well as how to defend and escape from grabs and chokeholds.
05/20/2024 Gup Test
Participation is by invite only! But you are always welcome to come watch and support!
10am-12pm Dojang
04/27/2024 GUP and Black Belt Tounament
Come compete in our in house tournament! Can't compete? Come cheer on your family and friends!
10am Dojang
05/18/2024 S.T.O.R.M Meeting
Students enrolled in our STORM program please come for training.
9am Dojang
05/18/2024 GUP Test
Participation by invite only! Not testing? Come cheer on your family and friends!
10am-12pm Dojang
05/25/2024 - 05/27/2024 School Closed
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

About Us

Kamie Eisenbeis, Co-Founder in a ready stance.
Jessica McBride, Co-Founder in a ready stance.

Soul Self Defense, LLC provides a broad range of self-defense programs in a fun, safe, and challenging environment fostering a sense of community while promoting the actualization of personal goals. Soul Self Defense, LLC strives to educate community members on a wide variety of health and fitness related topics while maximizing fun, emphasizing safety, and fostering a sense of community through honest business practices and affordable rates. Soul Self Defense, LLC aims to become a premier martial arts school capable of financial self-sustainment and a key community venue for all health, fitness and self-defense training.

Soul Self Defense, LLC offers Tang Soo Do by DragonFire Martial Arts including programs such as Little Ninjas, Tang Soo Do Kids, Tang Soo Do Teens, and Tang Soo Do adults. In an effort to enhance personal safety, Soul Self Defense offers Women’s Self Defense, Cardio Kickboxing, anti-bullying programs and an array of other seminar-based self-defense programs.

Soul Self Defense, LLC intends to differentiate itself from the competition by offering reasonable rates, with no contracting understanding that long term contracting may not be in the best interest of children. Although other martial arts schools exist nearby, Soul Self Defense, LLC uses tried and true teaching practices. Soul Self Defense, LLC is women and veteran owned by Idaho natives. Soul Self Defense, LLC now owns and operates DragonFire Martial Arts, LLC. In 2022, Master Stephen Semancik and his wife Master Debi Semancik chose to retire, passing DragonFire Martial Arts down to Kamie Eisenbeis and Jessica McBride. During this transition, DragonFire relocated to 3085 N. Cole Road, Boise, Idaho. All instructors previously teaching at DragonFire Martial Arts moved to the new location and continue to teach Tang Soo Do in the Treasure Valley.

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