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Tang Soo Do

Adult Classes - $100/Month

Adult Tang Soo Do classes are for those ages 13 to age 80+. You are never too old to learn Tang Soo Do. It is important to understand that your journey through Tang Soo Do is your own. You will progress as long as you are improving your skills as compared to only yourself. You must listen to your body and train in such a way to improve mobility and longevity without creating pain and suffering. This class teaches all Traditional Tang Soo Do curriculum including forms (hyungs), sparring (Dae Ryun), One Step Sparring (Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun) and wrist grabs (Ho Sin Sul). We offer classes four days a week with a different instructor each day. Combined our instructors have over 150 years of experience, as several of our instructors have or currently train in other martial arts styles. Their experience ensures you are learning from the best. You are never too old to learn new things. The scariest day is the first day on the mat. Be brave and take the first step. Every day after you can be, the best day of your life! Classes are $100 per month for up to 4 classes per week. Check out our schedule for current class listings.

Kids Classes - $100/Month

DragonFire Kids classes teach a lot more than just martial arts! Our kids program is designed for students ages 7-12. Our kids classes are dynamic and fun, but our emphasis is still on developing discipline and courtesy in each student. This program builds confidence and character by providing each student with control over his or her body, and developing the ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations. We are fortunate at DragonFire to have a plethora of instructors. We offer the kids class four times a week with a different instructor for every class. Kids get to experience different teaching styles and decide which instructor(s) they enjoy learning from. With all time slots open to all enrolled students, scheduling is flexible to accommodate other family responsibilities and obligations. In the kids class, students progress through the belts in junior status. Using a half color and half white belt, the Kids classes learn all traditional Tang Soo Do curriculum except for extensive joint locks. In order to preserve and protect kids' bodies and joints, joint locks or Ho Sin Sul self defense techniques are not required for testing. Kids learn forms (Hyungs), sparring (Dae Ryun), and One Step Sparring (Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun). Unlike traditional Tang Soo Do schools we do incorporate some weapons training in our kids class. Kids close each class with a recitation of the five codes of Tang Soo Do:

  • Loyalty to country
  • Obedience to parents
  • Honorable to friends
  • No retreat in battle
  • In fighting choose with sense and honor

Come check us out for a free one-week trial. No obligation. We pride ourselves on maintaining an awesome environment in our school and would like to ensure our school is a good fit for your student. Classes are $100 per month for 4 classes per week. Check out our schedule for current class listings.

Little Ninjas - $75/Month

Little Ninjas offers an introduction to martial arts for 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old kids! These classes are based around developing and practicing life skills through martial arts instruction. This class serves as a preparatory class for the regular kids Tang Soo Do class.

Below are the eight main life skills taught in our ninja program:

  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Control
  • Coordination
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Teamwork

This class is taught primarily by Master Jessica McBride and Kyo Sa Kamie Eisenbeis. This program has been in operation by DragonFire Martial Arts since 2010 and continues to change the lives of children. Little Ninjas that have completed the program consistently demonstrate increased self-confidence, goal setting and resiliency.

Children enrolled in the Little Ninja program train twice a week in a designated time slot and learn all techniques required to test from White Belt to Yellow Belt in traditional Tang Soo Do classes. The program generally takes 18-24 months to complete and upon completion the Little Ninjas test into the kids class as either a Yellow Belt or Orange Belt, depending on the ability of the Little Ninja.