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Master Steve Semancik

7th Dan in Tang Soo Do

Master Steve Semancik is the current president of the Northwest Tang Soo Do Association and trains under the guidance of Grandmaster D.W. Low and is the senior instructor at DragonFire Martial Arts.

Master Semancik began formal martial arts training in 1974 in the ITF style of Taekwon Do in the Republic of Korea where he served as a light weapons infantryman in the U.S. Army.

Master Semancik earned a second degree black belt in Taekwon Do 1985. He began cross-training in Tang Soo Do with Grandmaster Low in 1984 and has trained under his guidance to this day. Grandmaster Low was a student of Master Jeong Sook Lee who trained under the direct tutelage of Grandmaster Hwang Kee, the founder of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan.

Master Semancik is a graduate of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army instructor School and is a 2008 inductee in the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Tang Soo Do Instructor of the Year.

Master Trey Hoff

5th Dan in Tang Soo Do

Master Hoff has been practicing Tang Soo Do with Master Semancik for over 20 years. He became interested in Martial Arts at the age of 35 as a personal endeavor to learn self-defense. After searching for a school that could meet his demands, he found DragonFire Martial Arts to be well structured, balanced and disciplined. Tang Soo Do has become a part of life for him. “It’s never to late to start training in Tang Soo Do.” Master Hoff earned his 5th Dan in December, 2012.

Master Hoff also practices architecture and has his own firm, Trey Hoff Architect. He designs unique and distinctive custom homes and has been an architect for 25 years. His other interests are photography, piano, hiking and motorcycling.

Master Steven Hauck

5th Dan in Tang Soo Do

Master Hauck began his martial arts training in Taekwondo in PA. in 1985. In 1988, he transferred over to Tang Soo Do while stationed near Spokane, WA while in the Air Force. Training in The World Federation, Tang Soo Do under Master Barry January. Then while stationed in Japan / South Korea he earned his 1st Dan in 1995 under The Korean Soo Bahk Do Association (Master Kim). He has been training and practicing Tang Soo Do with Master Semancik since 1996, where he has earned his 5th Dan under him in 2014.

Master Scotty Allen

5th Dan in Tang Soo Do

Master Allen began his martial arts training in PaSaRyu TKD under multiple blackbelt holder Robert Blackstone in Memphis TN. In 1994 he moved to Boise and started training with Master Steve Semancik in Tang Soo Do, and from there climbed through the ranks. He started teaching Tang Soo Do In 1996 as a Senior Color Belt. He got his first Degree Black belt in 1998 and started to teach classes as an official Instructor. In 2014 Master Allen received his 5th Degree under Master Low / Master Semancik. He is a true martial artist at heart and dabbles in other styles, but not on an official rank. Some of these being Modern Arnes, Kickboxing, wing chun, and Brazilian Jiu Jistu. Master Allen is an avid snowboarder and mountain biker, and enjoys camping.

Master Long Trinh

5th Dan in Tang Soo Do
2nd Dan in Tae Kwon Do

Master Long Trinh earned 5th Dan in NorthWest Tang Soo Do Association (DragonFire Martial Arts, Tang Soo Do). Master Long Trinh had also trained in traditional Gung Fu at the young age of 6 to 13 in Viet Nam. He started in TaekwonDo (International Taekwondo Federation) in the early 1980, earned 2nd Dan in 1987.

Mrs. Debi Semancik

3th Dan in Tang Soo Do
Certified Cardio Kickboxing Instructor

Mrs. Semancik has been around martial arts for her entire adult life. As Master Semancik's wife she plays a huge role in the management of the DoJang (martial arts studio) and the coordination of special events. She stands as the matriarch and a pillar in this martial arts family.

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